• Jyllingevej 80, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 110x162 cm
  • Jyllingevej 74, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 150x130 cm
  • Jyllingevej 72, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 110x140 cm
  • Jyllingevej 58, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 110x162 cm
  • Sørensen's Coffee Shop, Jyllingevej 16, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 54x60 cm
  • Dinner, Jyllingevej 10, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 54x60 cm
  • Jyllingevej 8, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 80x100 cm
  • Jyllingevej StationAcrylic on canvas 60x54 cm
  • Old Cut, Oster Farimagsgade, CopenhagenAcrylic on canvas 110x140 cm
  • Sallingevej 49, VanloseAcrylic on canvas 120x180 cm
  • Islevhusvej 3Acrylic on canvas 80x100 cm
  • Islevhusvej 5Acrylic on canvas 110x140 cm
  • Inas Favorite, IslevhusvejAcrylic on canvas 54x60 cm
  • Fuyi, Islevhusvej 32Acrylic on canvas 80x100 cm
  • Bellahoj Bad, BellahojvejAcrylic on canvas 110x140 cm
  • BellahojvejAcrylic on canvas 100x80 cm
  • JydeholmenAcrylic on canvas 140x110 cm
  • Ved Thyvej 32-20Acrylic on canvas 140x110 cm


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Portrait of Jyllingevej, Copenhagen

On a bike ride on her way home Pedersen discovered Pedersen Jyllingevej in Copenhagen.

Her ambition with the project was to portray what was about to disappear, that we daily barely see, while we rush through the city and life.
Jonna Pedersen | legeHUSET | Blistrupvej 14 | DK-2610 Rødovre, Denmark | kunst@jonnapedersen.dk | +45 26 21 66 72

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