In the series “Ciggies” Jonna Pedersen is investigating cigarette packs from various cultures from the last century to now, and depicting the world history and the values throughout time.

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Burning Love 

Some years back Pedersen's experience with Stuart Davis' "Odol" painting at MOMA in New York and the experience of some of the Funen painters Still Life got her started on a new painting process, and her interpretations of the concept Still Life began with the iconic packaging. Pedersen made a large series of packaging still life over the years.

As a natural continuation, she has taken the food out of the packaging. In the series 'Burning Love' she examines the theme of the Danish food culture, and in the study lies a wonder and fascination of Danish food traditions and rituals.

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New York City Blues

Pedersen fell in love with New York many years ago. At first she was fascinated by the commercial signs and shapes. Lately, more and see the works




Streets Of London

"Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London". Pedersen is investigating the particular marks set by the people living in the area around Redchurch Street, Bethnal Green, London...
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Modern Still Life

Encountering Stuart Davis' still life at MOMA triggered a new process. Pedersen felt a need to try her hand at still lifes and interpretations of that more and see the works



Milk Cartons Of The World

Pedersen is investigating milk more and see the works



Celebration Of Single Records

The stories of 14 single records found in a second hand shop in New more and see the works



Collection + Memory Lane

Celebration of life + Memory more and see the works


Jørgens Autohal

Pedersen fell in love with Jørgens Autohal, an auto repair shop, which had been at the same address for 25 more and see the works


Portrait of Jyllingevej

On a bike ride on her way home Pedersen discovered Pedersen Jyllingevej in Copenhagen.
Her ambition with the project was to portray what was about to more and see the works


Comissioned Paintings and Projects

Finansforbundet moved to new headquarters in Christianshavn and Pedersen created a series of five paintings from Christianshavn.

In connection with the World Cup 2010 in South Africa Pedersen was selected to represent Denmark. She did so with the work "African Boots".

For Danmarksindsamlingen Pedersen more and see the works


Textile / Acrylic Collages

Pedersen expresses herself in a selection of different collages on textile, canvas and more and see the works

Jonna Pedersen | legeHUSET | Blistrupvej 14 | DK-2610 Rødovre, Denmark | | +45 26 21 66 72

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